Our "Studio" Photo Booth

Our booth is different than everything else out there. We built it ourselves using our love for photography, design, and fun as our guide. We felt that a photo booth should be an icebreaker a fun experience! The result is a handbuilt photo booth that produces amazing, luminous photographs shot after shot, and looks cool while doing it!


Unlimited Prints

"Unlimited prints" means we produce piles and piles of images at every event we do. On average, guests take about 600 shots per event. They are all beautiful 4x6 prints customized with your names, your logo, or whatever you please. They print within seconds, providing oh-so-gratifying instant happiness.

FREE Digital downloads!

All Images are uploaded to our site so your guests and friends can pick them , tweet them, instagram them or whatever people do these days with images!!

Picture Books are COOL!

Included with every photo booth is a 5x7-inch book with every photo from your event.  You can also upgrade to an 8x10 hardcover version.

Only the BEST! SLR Camera's

We're photographers and professionals, and you can't make incredible pictures without a great camera. So we use a professional-grade Canon DSLR camera in every  Photo booth.